12 Fun Gifts for Apple Fans

The Christmas holiday is nearly upon us! With the recent release of Apple\'s new gadgets there is little doubt an Apple Fan has made his/her presence known.  You know who they are. The ones who stand in line for the latest iPhone. Have a dozen i-devices in the house all linked together. Sticks those Apple stickers on their rear window.  To give you some gift giving ideas, here is a list of 12 apple accessories that any die-hard Apple fan would love to have. Go ahead, fill my..err I mean, fill THEIR stocking with Apple goodies!

Apple Watch Series 3

Apple\'s newest wearable finally unleashes the power of having a mobile computer AND a phone on your wrist. It\'s waterproof and has its own GPS to record your Ironman training.  The LTE cellular streams your music and calls your Mom asking your to bring your iPhone to class. Nothing else comes close in quality and it\'s very cool.

HD Camera Lens Kit

The high-end iPhones now include telephone zoom and studio effects.  Us mere mortals make due with a single camera.  A fun stocking stuffer is a lens kit that adds some extra functionality to our otherwise great cameras. These kits typcially have macro, telephoto, and fish lenses to enhance your artistic eye. A fun gadget for anyone\'s kit bag.

KANVASA Premium MacBook Case Cover


p id=\"title\" class=\"a-size-large a-spacing-none\">KANVASA makes very cool iPad and Macbook sleeves. The grey felt and brown vintage leather \"Woods\" model  comes in a variety of sizes for all your Apple toys.  Stylish and useful!  Get two... one for your iPad and another for his Macbook.

ZAGG Rugged Messenger

ZAGG Rugged Messenger transforms your iPad Pro into a production powerhouse! This protective case has a slim bluetooth keyboard (with back-lit keys!) and an Apple pencil holder. It's designed to withstand drops from over six feet making safe for Santa to come down the chimney with.

Anker PowerCore II 20000

Until "Mr. Fusion" pocket power cells are invented for our phones, there will always be a need for more juice when you are the farthest from a wall charger. The Anker PowerCore II can charge an iPhone 7 twice! Perfect for Road Warrior and frequent travelers. Time Travel, sadly, is not inluded.

Satechi Type-C USB 3.0 3 in 1 Combo Hub for MacBook

I love my new MacBook.  It's light weight, great screen, long battery life. The only drawback is the single USB-C port.  MacBook Pros added a second USB-C port but still...makes it difficult to plug in USB devices and memory cards.  Satechi has us covered! They offer a variety of tiny "docks" that plug right in to add more ports...no dongles and way cheaper than Apple's offerings.

SAMDI Universal Laptop Wooden Stand

Our Apple laptops like nothing better than to be shown off...and this wooden stand diffently adds that "wow" factor.  This Maple wood stand looks like it came from an Art Gallery and adds functionality by egronmically elevating your screen to a proper height.  It's just cool and Santa would hit a home run leaving this under the tree.

AmazonBasics 6 foot Lightning Cable

A new lightning cable is an essential stocking stuffer.  It's no secret that ligthning cables wear out over time so why not upgrade your Apple Fan a little? Amazon Basic's cables last longer and the 6 foot cable is perfect to give your Fan more space to roam when charging.  MFi Certified and comes in multiple colors and lengths. Another win for Santa!

Anker Wireless Charger Charging Pad

Apple Fans finally have an Andriod feature worth putting in our iPhones...wireless charging.  The new iPhone8s and iPhoneXs have the Qi charging standard built in.  All you need is a Qi charging stand and to place your phone on top. Boom! No hassle, instant charging. Your Apple Fan would love to have one on his/her night stand.

DOSS Touch Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Going to the beach? A little ski trip? Or just having a BBQ? A wireless bluetooth speaker is a must! This Amazon Bestseller from DOSS is a water resistant option for anyone (especially your Apple Fan).

NATO style Apple Watch Band

Carterjett makes a great NATO reproduction watch strap for Apple Watch. Available in a varierty of colors for both 38mm and 42mm watches, the NATO strap brings back some retro style to your wrist. Apple Fans love retro and a Cold War watch band screams "80s!" Another stocking stuffer win!

Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer

On the subject of Retro, Polarid no longer makes cameras for your party fun...but the do make this great Bluetooth instant printer! The ZIP printer lets you share your party photos on the spot! Highy rated on Amazon, add some holiday Retro fun with pocket pictures for all to enjoy.

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