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It was not long ago that I was changing my career path.  It was time to retire and start something new.  I had been working in the Information Technology, Communications, and Cybersecurity realms since I pounded my first computer program in a shiny new Apple ][+ computer in 1982 at the ripe young age of 12. Magic! Simply Magic. It was time to open DynamicCyber and focus on being a “CIO for hire” to help small businesses in this new century full of cyber opportunity and pitfalls.

The unspeakable happened that derailed my plans at being my own boss. Cancer. It came and I had to stare it down to get back on my feet. Two years later I am still winning!  My dream of DynmicCyber had to wait.  But there was goodness…After a year of pain and turmoil an expected promotion came my way.  A promotion that carries its own long-term rewards too good to pass up.

For now DynamicCyber, the “virtual CIO” has to wait. But that doesn’t mean I have to give up.  So this site, this blog is all about helping you. The small computer power user trying to make their home or small business more secure.  I intend to share with you every week a few tips, methods, and thoughts about applying good cyber hygiene.  Make the most of your computers (come on, I know you have more than one!) and have some fun along the way.

There used to be a great website called “Mac OS X Hints.”  It is no longer active (read only offline status in 2014) but it was vibrant community of passionate users and professionals.  I wonder if some of that magic can be recreated. here.  Let’s find out!

ps..you an still access Mac OS X hints at a Macworld archive.  It is starting to show its age but remains a great resource to see what can be done, and easily for most people.

pss…my first attempt at blogging…I’ll get better. I promise! 🙂

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