Take back control of Windows 10 rebooting your computer

Your system will restart in 10..9..8….

Tip of the Day.  It has happened to us all.  In the middle of your big project, email, game, netflix binge fest Windows 10 decided it was the best time to force restart your computer and load updates.  Well isn’t that annoying?  But there is good news. You can force windows to only do that during specific time periods that you off doing other things.  It’s pretty simple and bound to save you some aggravation! Here’s how:

  1. Open Windows Settings ( Windows Button  + “i”)
  2. Open “Update & security” and select “Windows Update
  3. Under the Update Setting is an option to “Change Active Hours
  4. box now opens letting you select your most active computer hours.  Windows will delay the auto-restarts to periods when your computer is least active. If you normally use your computer from 8am to 5pm then leave the default settings. If not, adjust the start and finish times to your needs.

Bonus Tip: Use the “Restart options” button to force a specific time/day to restart and install the updates. This option resets each time you use it.

Wimdows 10 includes some great security features that we will explore in our future posts. Automatic updates are built in and will help assure your computer is healthy. Don’t be tempted to skip those updates. Using this feature to time the reboots puts you back in control.

Look in our store for Windows 10 goodies. What other Win10 Update times do you have? Share in the comments bellow.

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