Quick Tip: Create iOS eMail Groups

Today’s quick tip empowers you to build email groups for your iOS iPhone and iPad. Incredible to think that iOS is now 10 years old and STILL does not have a way to create and use an email distribution list or email group! If you are like me, I use my iPhone a lot for work and I email specific groups of people several times each day. It’s aggravating composing the email, typing in each recipient over and over! Here is an easy work around to give you precious time back:

Step one: create the iOS group email alias

Open the Contacts app and click the “+” sign to add a new contact.

 What’s that, you say? Ah. Don’t be confused. The contacts app doesn’t create group email lists. We are creating a contact that has multiple email address that behaves like a list. Keep going…

 You are presented with the blank contact template. Tap the Company field and name your distro-list something memorable. Leave the First name and Last name fields blank.

Step 2: create the distro-list

Slide the template down until you reach the Notes section. This is an important step so read ahead to make sure your understand.

Inside the Notes section, enter the email addresses of those you want to have on this distro-list. We are using the Notes field because you can more easily see and edit what you type. Notice the format in the above image. You must follow that format exactly with no spaces: 

(Less than sign) email address (greater than sign) (comma) repeat…

<email1@hotmail.com>,<email2@gmail.com>, etc….

Step 3: enable the distro-list

For a very large list, you may want to edit in another tool. Once you have finished your list, select it and copy it to the clipboard.

 Slide the template back up to the Email field and tap the add email address button. Paste your list in the Email field. (Bonus, you can rename the default “work” heading to something more relevant like “Group Email”). Tap on Done.

 Step 4: send a group email!

Woohoo! You did it! Now you have a Contacts entry that can send a single email to a group of people! Instant productivity time savings.

 To send the email, open the contact card and tap anywhere in the Email field. Mail app will open and populate the “To:” line with your distro-list.

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