Trade In Your Old Tech for Cash

Christmas is coming and you need cash. New gadgets and gizmos are coming in the next few months  that are better than your old gadgets and gizmos collecting dust in the closet. Wouldn’t it be great if it you could sell all that stuff, regain closet space, save the environment, and have money for that new shiny stuff? Of course it would!

cash photoMost of us would go to eBay and try to selling it. Some of use will go to Craigslist or even the new Facebook marketplace.  Only problem is the hassle, the fees, and the time needed to sell your old tech this way.  Not many people are willing to pay top dollar for last years tech and those seller site and payment fees can really take a bit out of your transaction.

Luckily, Amazon has a Trade-In program. 

Yes, Amazon will buy your old tech from you and give you Amazon Store Credits.  Not quite cash, but is just as good. 1) Amazon is usually cheaper than going to the big-box store, 2) no fees, 3) it doesn’t matter where you bought it, and 4) free shipping with Amazon Prime. Not a bad deal.

What can you trade in?

There are hundreds of thousands of trade-in eligible items. Amazon offers competitive trade-in values and even pays for the shipping to Amazon.  Here are some categories to explore

Books Trade-In Store

Consumer Electronics:
CE Trade-In Store

Video Games:
Video Games Trade-In Store

General Trade-In:
Main Trade-In Store

The first time you open one of the Trade-In stores, Amazon examines your purchase history to see if anything you’ve purchased through Amazon is eligible for a Trade-In. For example, in my account opening the Books store shows two DVDs eligible.  Wow! $17 extra cash for old movies. Cool.

Amazon Trade In
Example Amazon Trade In offers.
I could stop there but if you scroll down you’ll see some more options to search for specific items that you bought else where. To find out how much my second generation Airport Extreme router is I could click on “Consumer Electronics” and explore the catalog or enter “Airport Extreme” in the search bar.

Trade in categories
Available Trade-in Categories
Trade in search
It’s faster to search for your Trade-In
search results
2nd Generation Airport Extreme results
And Voilà! $20 bucks for a router is is over 7 years old! Sure beats throwing it away or selling it for a buck at yard sale. To continue, click on Trade-in and answer a few questions about your trade-in:

trade in questions
A few questions to validate the condition of your Trade
Clicking continue finishes the process and gives you your finial trade in value offer:

trade in offer
Not having the box dinged me a buck!
Once you accept the offer Amazon generates the shipping label and provides instructions. Pretty simple.

How long does it take to receive payment?

You won’t get your credit until the item is received and processed by Amazon. This could take up to 10 business days.  You can track your items online at:  Your Trade-In Account. Once the trade-in has been paid you’ll see it added to your gift card balance.

Qualified customers are paid immediately when submitting a video game, console, or accessory trade-in with the Instant Payment option.

What condition does Amazon accept for the trade-in?

Trade-in items must match the exact version displayed online in the Trade-In search results.

What are the fees?

Customers  print a free pre-paid shipping label for sending items. There are no fees. If the conditions aren’t met (ie not the right item), Amazon will then return it at no cost to you.

Can you use the Amazon App?

Yes. Open the app, scan, or search for your items. Trade-In eligible items will have a Trade-In button on the product pages.

How long do I have to ship my items?

Send your trade-in  (postmarked) within 7 calendar days to receive the trade-in value listed on the website.

With Christmas a few months away and the iPhone 8 just around the corner…it’s a good time to explore your options for cash and clean out the closet.  What do you do with your old tech? Share in the comments below.

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