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The Gumdrop MacBook Softshell receives an overall grade of A- with a solid Purchase recommendation.  MSRP is $69, the case offers superb protection for Apple’s® mighty laptop. Buy from Amazon or Direct.

MacBook Gumdrop SoftShell CaseA few weeks ago Gumdrop Cases sent us a box full of goodies to evaluate. The most anticipated product in the box is the SoftShell case for our MacBook 12″s.  We love the MacBook 12″ for a variety of reasons and along with that comes the constant fear of damaging it when putting it in our bag. Neither a sleeve or hard plastic shell, the SoftShell looks and feels like a high quality iPhone bumper case!

In Summary…

The exterior is soft textured polyurethane with silicone bumpers.  A series of ventilation holes along the rear bottom ensure that there is adequate air flow to the MacBook (and as you can see in the photos, the case it self acts as a little kick-stand when opened, improving airflow even more).

The interior is a softer polyurethane. Here is where the case becomes a bit clever and more practical than a shell.. The silicone bumpers allow your MacBook to slide up and snap into the case.  Small rubber feet secure your MacBook from sliding and snuggly fits in the case.  Slide the screen into the top portion and snap the palm rests in the lower portion.  Molded silicone feet/bumpers protect the hinge and provide support as “feet” when open.  It fits like a glove! No need to worry about the case sliding and scratch the computer. There is plenty of quality engineered flex that lets you open and close the MacBook in a smooth fashion.

Gumdrop MacBook Case internal
Instructions printed in the cover…
Gumdrop MacBook Case external
The Screen Slides Up…
Gumdrop MacBook Case external
The bottom snaps in…
Gumdrop MacBook Case external
….and MacBook 12″ is secure.

Gumdrop’s case is rugged. Like a Otterbox it will hold up against abrasions and objects in your backpack hitting it.  Unlike a snap on case, Gumdrop proudly demonstrates a 6′ drop test for survivability (video: 6 Foot Drop Test ).  We conducted our own “off the desk test” and was satisfied…a HUGE WIN in our book!

The Details…

Case Fit



The case is extraordinarily precisely engineered. The resulting B+ rating is based on some difficulty sliding the LCD screen in the to case. It is a very tight fit and patience is needed to move it into position. The bumpers also block your fingers on the lowest portion of the trackpad…not a show stopper and takes a bit of getting used to. Because of the bumpers, the computer does not fully close flat. While this doesn’t impact useability, care should be taken to make sure no small objects can work their way into the gap.

Case Function



Absolutely great. It combines the best of two worlds: the sleeve and a hard shell case without the drawbacks of each. The ports are easily accessed when opened and closed and the “kickstand” feature is a welcome addition to this otherwise flat laptop. Easy to carry around, a bit stylish, and protection is superb.




Stain resistant. Tough PU and silicone. Doesn’t get much better than this.




At $69.95 it’s in the midrange price for a quality cover. Affordable but a bit on the pricey side if you are on a budget. However, would you rather pay $69.95 for a case that survives a 6′ drop or $800 for a new LCD screen? (Amazon is a bit less expensive)

Overall Rating



Would we recommend this to a friend? Absolutely. The benefits of this great case outweight the few negatives that we encountered. Gumdrop’s MacBook Softshell case does the job, and does it exceedingly well.

Is it worth it?

Yes.  We are very satisfied with the case and believe it a worthy investment to protect your MacBook. Buy directly from Gumdrop or from Amazon (amazon pricess seem to be a bit lower).

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