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The Gumdrop Droptech iPhone 8 and iPhone X case both receive an overall grade of “A”.   Both have a solid Purchase recommendation.  MSRP for each is $34.95 and case offers stlyish, excellent protection for Apple’s® iPhone. Buy from Amazon (iPhone 8, iPhone X) or Direct (iPhone 8, iPhone X).

Gumdrop iPhone8/X CaseToday’s product review focus is Gumdrop Case’s Droptech Case for the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, Apple’s (R) newest flagship phones. The beautiful all glass design of the latest generation phones is striking and fill us with fear that it could slip out of our hands and shatter BOTH sides.  We’re fairly confident the new Gorilla glass won’t break like a peppermint stick…luckily the Droptech case adds a heap of confidence to our sweaty palms.  This case feels like a more expensive Otterbox case but is easy to put on (is any Otterbox case easy?) and leave naked the great design of the phone.  Style and rugged protection? Sign us up!

In Summary…

The Droptech case is custom molded out of two materials to precisely fit your iPhone 8 or iPhone X.  A high-grade silicone surrounds the edges while a polycarbonate backing secures the rear. 

Gumdrop DropTech Case internalThe silicone surround is heavy-duty, it does not possess the “squishy” factor of most silicone bumpers but is not so hard to act as a hockey puck.  It appears “wavy” with conveniently located finger grips allowing you to securely hold your phone.  In our unscientific survey of potential users, this was by far the most highly appreciated feature of the case.  It should be noted that the silicone surround ranges from 4mm to 7mm in thickness.  While it gives the case a fantastic fall and bump protection, it does add to the perceived “bulk” of the case.

Providing support and protection is the polycarbonate rear.  Aesthetically shows off the glass construction of your iPhone and providing protection from objects in your pocket or backpack. A precisely engineered cutout for the camera arrays allow for unrestricted use of the camera, flash, and microphone.

Gumdrop iPhone8/X Case
A stylish, rugged case!
Gumdrop iPhone8 Case front
Large openings for Lighting Cables (including Amazon ones) and Speakers make the case practical.
Gumdrop iPhone8 Case Side b
Form Molding permits for easy use of the volume buttons

Gumdrop iPhone8 Case Side
Internal view. Case snuggly fits your iPhone and installs easily.

The Details…

Case Fit



It’s precise and easy to snap on your iPhone.  We were surprised that the functional access port for the Lighting Connector accepted larger non-apple connectors and that speaker volume was un-hindered.  Cameras have no obstruction.  Swipe gestures on both iPhone 8 and X are clean and unhindered by the silicone surround.

Case Function



Like the Gumdrop SoftShell MacBook  case…Absolutely great. Volume and Side buttons function well.  Gripy yet firm. Adds confidence that the phone will stay protected in this slim, stylish case.




Easy to clean with just a bit of water (doesn’t stain easily like cheap silicone does). Not a tough as the more expensive Otterbox, the only draw back is a lack of protection to the front of the phone.  Undoubtedly, though, such protection would detract from the stylishness and functionality of the phone.




$34.95 is cheaper than Apple(R) produced cases and this is more durable and rugged. (Amazon is a bit less expensive)

Overall Rating



Would we recommend this to a friend? Absolutely. The benefits of this great case outweight the few negatives that we encountered. Everyone we showed the case to expressed interest and liked it…particulary the finger grips and the fact the case maintains some style.

Is it worth it?

Yes.  We are very satisfied with the both the iPhone 8 and iPhone X cases and believe it a worthy investment. Buy directly from Gumdrop or from Amazon (amazon prices seem to be a bit lower).

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