Our Store is Finally Open!

So a little online store has been a vision of mine for a while.  But like many other starting bloggers I have a time problem…yes a day job and family so things are a bit slow on the website.  Good News, though! I finally put the puzzle pieces together to start an online store presence! Yes, The DyamicCyber Online Store is open.  Leveraging affiliate partnerships (and a fair bit of MS Excel and XML coding magic) I’m able to provide you access to some great deal on technology every few days.

Click Here to Shop
The DynamicCyber Online Store Menu

To access the store, just hover your mouse over the word “shop” in the menu and click a selection. That’s it. External links will take you one of our affiliates websites and if you complete that purchase I’ll get a little bank that lets me keep this website running (yes…i’ve in the RED so every little bit helps). Internal links will take you to a shopping cart and paypal payment system.  How cool is that?

OK OK…some of you are asking “But your site isn’t using HTTPS…how do I know it’s safe?” HTTPS websites are not only secure but they are also validated by external identity management agencies providing the consume a level of confidence that they aren’t getting scammed.  All links in the DynamicCyber Store will bring you to an external partner’s secure website where you complete the transaction.  HTTPS does not come free anymore (at least with my service provider)…DynamicCyber will move to a HTTPS based platform this summer. 

What’s in the future. We have a newsletter in the works that will summarize actions on DynamicCyber and include even better, time limited deals. If you haven’t yet signed up, please click here and keep an eye out for future emails. Alternately, you can Subscribe to our website  (in footer below) to also receive email updates of new blog entries.

Please stop by and pay the store a visit.

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