When Aloha takes over

AlohaYou may have noticed that the blog has been a bit silent this year. I’ve not made any of my goals (beside twitter which has oddly grown in audience size) for the year. But I finally have a moment to pause and catch my breath. So what’s going on, @dynamiccyber?

Opportunities and Moves

So I accepted a new position which much greater responsibilities than I’ve probably ever had before. It’s a very exciting one offering the chance to move the family to Hawaii for a few years! Getting the family safely to Hawaii and settled was challenging if not incredibly expensive!

On reflection I am amazed at how the world has changed in 24 years. My first cross country move involved map books, detailed planning, no cell phone, and a sense of exploring the unknowns. The was always the fear of getting lost and running out gas. Now it’s GPS easy least, Yelping each meal, and low stress. It sorta took the fun out of stopping every so often to explore.

Hawaii! Awesome!

Hawaii is pretty cool. Not what I had expected. I didn’t expect the urbanization of the southern end of Oahu. It’s pretty much like Manhattan and traffic gets horrid. I expected more open areas. I also was not expecting the homeless population. The state has incredibly low unemployment but the cost of living (especially affordable housing) is worrisome.

The island is lush, beautiful. Everyone is friendly and a cosmopolitan mix people, cultures, and languages that I’ve only ever seen replicated in Israel. Outdoor activities rule the day and every single beach is public! It’s not usual to find a nice uncrowned space to relax.

Ok so what about DynamicCyber

I don’t know. There will be much more focus on my life on leadership, business processes, strategy and stuff than before. I know my personal time to write will be curtailed.

The blog will continue, though not as often. More emphasis on leading change and large groups of people. My Apple passion remains and I’ll blog about it, but with less emphasis on “selling” affiliate items (wasn’t working out so well any way).

Anyway, thanks for listening and see you soon.


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