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DynamicCyber started as DynamicCyber LLC, a small  (soon to be-) Vetran’s owned company with a passion for Entrepreneurs, Cyber/Information Systems Security, and Nerd Stuff in General.  DyCy LLC was born after speaking to small business owners and entrepreneurs around the country. We found that the largest target group for Cyber Attacks are left alone to find their own way to a safe Cyber environment.  And to our shock they lacked basic IT skills to even assess what technology they need to reach their vision and grow their business.  DynamicCyber LLC wanted to fill that gap, to be “CIO” for every small business that needs that level of expertise and support.

Plans change. DyCy LLC’s founder had a positive change in career status and has had to place DyCy LLC on hold.  So the dream of bringing CIO like services to the little guy remains, altough at a limited scale.

In the meantime, DynamicCyber remains. A blog, knowledge store, review site, online shopping deals, trivia…something to learn and celebrate our shared geek culture.  I started DynamicCyber after 26 years of worldwide experiences.  Back then the Internet was nothing more than a University’s access to supercomputing resources and the most powerful PC had only 128K of RAM.  The future of digital technology remains exciting.

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